Finale …

Last I heard Dan was in the process of sueing the MOD for damages and backpay due.

Here are some of his photos from SAS Headquarters at Credenhill.

Matthew will now be in his third year with one of the most prestigious boys colleges in the country, and Darcy should be in his second-last year of primary school close to the base.

May I wish Dan, Matthew and Darcy all the very best of luck with everything.

And as for me, regardless of everything, I am still in love with him.



Lilly passes away

Lilly passed away in the August of 2012 and was buried in Hereford. She contracted a rare form of meningitis and died just a few months before her seventh birthday. Dan was there to carry her tiny coffin on the day, but the remaining family were all devastated and I know that that they will never recover from this terrible loss. This is the only true photo I have ever had of her and Matthew sent these photographs to me after she passed away. The following year the dog Max passed away with stomach cancer, and Matthew has since been was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition inherited from his mother.

Matthew and Darcy ran away and attempted to make their own way from Hereford to Scotland later that year, and I offered to have a friend of mine drive down to collect them and bring them back here. However, Matthew rejected my offer and after two weeks on the run they were forced to return to the Barracks after incurring further health problems.

Despite all of my attempts to meet up with and see them in person since then and in the ten years since we first spoke on-line, I have to this date not once spoken to a single member of their family them over the phone, or seen any one of them in the flesh, and doubt very much that I am ever going to.

Matthew and I stopped writing to each other in September 2014, as I could no longer believe that the stories he was telling me were true. He has since deleted his blog and has made no attempt to contact me in the two years since I lost my temper with him. I wish them all well with their future lives in the United Kingdom, but I need to concentrate all of my efforts on the people who are actually living in the here and now.

Military School for Matthew


Matthew told Dan that he had been in touch with me and asked if the children were allowed to come and visit us in Scotland and Dan gave them permission to do so. He was admitted to the MOD hospital in Whitehall for such a long time, that he agreed to set up a legal  Visitation Access Arrangement with a Barrister from London which would give the children permission to stay here with my family on weekends and holidays.

In July 2012, they went to the Courthouse to finalise their Citizenship for the UK and cemented their adoption papers for the UK legal system. They are all now officially citizens of the United Kingdom and are here to stay.

Matthew was writing to me every day but was constantly getting himself into trouble with the soldiers and staff at the Barracks, and so they made the decision to send him off to one of the Military Schools in England which didn’t last for very long.

Dan broke out of the hospital to go and get him, and then they all ran away to the North of Scotland to stay on a farm in the middle of nowhere. They were eventually flushed out, and returned to the SAS barracks in Herefordshire like they were supposed to.




Two years later…

It was a long time before I heard from them again. I threw out everything that Dan had ever sent to me – went through all of the boxes in the garage – and tore everything up into little pieces and threw it all into the trash.

As far as I was concerned – it was all over for me. I had been deceived by a man who was a complete stranger to me.

But nearly two years later, Matthew contacted me directly by email – and their family became part of my life again – and it was as though I had never been apart from them. Matthew was a lot older and wiser by this time – he was nearly a teenager –  and informed me that they were living back in the UK just like they had always planned. They had been travelling on and off across the country, staying with friends from Dan’s former army days, and were now living full-time at the Army Barracks at Whitehall in London. Apparently Dan had returned to active duties within the British Army, and was receiving treatment for his condition.

I was desperate at the opportunity to finally visit them, and arranged to visit during the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations, but once again my plans were cancelled at the last minute.

Matthew told me that Dan was a Lieutenant-Colonel with the 22nd Regiment of the SAS, and that they would be moved to the Headquarters at Hereford later that year. I had trouble believing all of this, and despite him sending me photos of their surroundings and photos of Dan’s dress uniform hanging in the closet at their living quarters in Whitehall – I was not able to believe him again.

Dan spent a great deal of time in hospital, and only saw the children on very rare occasions. They sent me photographs of him from their occasional days out, and he appeared to be merely a shadow of the man he used to be. The condition that he suffered from had been caused by a rare form of Anthrax when he was serving in Iraq, and the disease fed on polyamines in his body – and so the doctors were starving him whilst administering very high doses of medicine in an effort to kill the tumours completely.

Matthew told me that Dan was dying and I feel sick to the stomach with the heartbreak and guilt of everything. I am not quite sure why Matt decided to reach out to me after all that time, but I am happy that he did as it helped to alleviate some of the heartache that I had felt. Matt was eleven years old by this stage and very wise beyond his years, and he was a really lovely young man but was so unhappy and angry at the world.

Over the next few months, we got to know each other quite well – and he sent me photos of everything he could find about Dan’s condition – copies of medical notes and journals from doctor files etc. Dan was on a liquid diet for days at a time, and then would gorge himself during short breaks between treatments and work out in the gym in an effort to increase his body mass again. Here is a page from one of his food diaries…


Dan needed crutches to get about properly and the tumours were centralised in one of his legs which was heavily bound with bandages. Chemotheraphy drugs were being infused directly into the diseased site by intravenous tubes, but he was apparently refusing to have the leg amputated. I felt helpless at the fact that I was unable to be there for him but as usual, my hands were tied and he was refusing to talk directly to me.



woman scorned

Over the next few weeks, my mind was running at full speed and I was determined to get to the bottom of things once and for all! I had always been afraid of all the stories that Dan had told me about the terrible fates that had befallen his friends and family, and so it is for this reason that I had always stopped myself from asking further questions about him.

The first thing I decided to do was write to Piero Pazzi, the photographer who had compiled the hot priests calendar, ‘Calendario Romano’. But what should I say? The whole story sounded crazy, even to me, so I only asked him the most basic of questions. I asked him for further details regarding the identity of ‘Mr Maggio’, where the photo had been taken and when.

It did not take long for Mr Pazzi to respond to my email, and he told me that the photo had been taken in Venice in 2006. He could not reveal the identity of the model used, however, he agreed to speak with him on my behalf. The response came back a few days later – the model had confirmed that he did not know anyone from Australia, and did not know who I was. I explained to Piero that the photo had been used as part of a false online profile for a man that I had met on the internet, and he apologised that he was unable to help me further with the matter. But he did confirm that none of the models (with the exception of one) were actually priests.

Next thing I tracked down the address 27 Selous Road, Blackburn that had been used for the ebay purchases that Dan had made using my credit card, and found out that the property was being managed by the Twin Valley Housing Project in Blackburn for community housing.

Then I wrote to a former Cardinal who had resigned from the Church many years earlier, for pursuing a relationship with a woman. I sent the photos to him showing the Vatican keypass from Dan’s keyring, and the Ex-Cardinal confirmed that it was indeed authentic, but cautioned me against contacting Daniel again.

I spoke with my girfriend, Barbara and questioned her about things that Dan had told me had happened inside the Vatican whilst he was living there. Firstly she told me that Cardinals are never appointed by the Church under the age of 50 years, that they are not allowed to converse with woman outside of the Church and in particular, with women who are divorcees. Dan had told that he had undergone specialist weapons training while living in Rome in the leadup to 07/07/07, but Barbara told me that no such precautionary measures had even taken place within the staffing quarters where her uncle worked.

I tracked down the mobile number that he had been using, and managed to trace it right back to the outlet who had sold him the pre-paid mobile simcard.

And then I wrote to the Blackburn police station, requesting details of the incident in which David was apparently attacked in their hometown. Dan had told me that David had been stabbed with a knife at home one night, but there had been no reports of a stabbing incident in that area within the previous four years.

And then finally I had the courage to google the name that he had given me ‘Castiel Daniel William Lamoureux’ and came across a facebook profile for a man called Daniel Lamoureux which could very well have been the source of inspiration for all the stories that I had been told.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 17.51.48

Hot Priests Calendar…

Screenshot 2016-05-17 18.26.00

“Father March” on the Vatican calendar
But in real life is the real estate agent

The 21-year old David Ruiz ended the Roman calendar 2008: “I wish that I were asked for permission»

David Ruiz: on the left in the “on schedule” and to the right as it is in life everyday (from site)

MADRID – To be nice, it’s nice. To be devoted, it is devoted. To be photogenic, it is photogenic. Too bad it’s not a priest. But a real estate agent. And as in Spain the 2008 Roman calendar of the photographer Piero Pazzi was incorporated as a roundup of “curas guapos,” the supermodel male Vatican, the news that Father March is dedicated to the sale of apartments in Seville, has made a stir.

TAKEN IN PROCESSION IN SEVILLE – The surprise is he, the twenty-David Ruiz Suárez, from the picture where you can see it in his cassock and crucifix on his chest, now wearing a suit and tie and sporting a goatee on his chin, “I do not understand how that could happen – said, more amused than outraged -, I was confused for a priest, perhaps because of his cassock, which is that the Brotherhood de la Sed, and why the photo was taken in procession. I had not noticed and I would have preferred that I had been asked for permission before inserting it into a calendar. ” However, it recognizes the advantages, not ecclesiastical, of the diffusion of her image in 40 thousand copies, at the March page, among the most attractive faces of the Church: “For now I have a girlfriend. Hopefully now my popularity increases among the girls. ”

“NOT THE PAINTER MAKING THE HOLY ICON” – It was not exactly the goal of the Venetian photographer, who regrets not having been able to seek permission before printing the calendar: “But you can not stop a procession to demand name and surname participants and I seized the moment when the procession of Holy Week, two years ago in Seville: the beautiful light, the hair with pomade, the twist, the jealousy in the background.I also knew that the pictures of the boy is not a priest but a lay person, an acolyte of the Brotherhood de la Sed – guarantees Pazzi -. The point is that this is not the Vatican calendar, but a guide for tourists in Rome. Nor is it a collection of beautiful priests. As the Spanish saying goes: it is not the painter who makes sacred icon, but who worships. ”

December 14, 2007 (Last modified: December 15, 2007)

Hello Mr Maggio (Calendario Romano) …


I wasn’t really interested in helping Dan cope with the loss of Zack whatsoever. He and I had both sunk into a depression, and I had no energy or desire whatsoever to console him in his grief. He was sending me photos of Zack before he died, and from when he was a young child back in South Africa, and it was lovely to see how happy he was back then before everything went wrong in his life.

But beyond that, I had my own problems to deal with. The bailiffs were threatening to come to my home during Christmas, and so I signed up for a Scottish Trust Deed as soon as possible in the New Year. This gave me a total of three years to settle my debts, and I was committed to a monthly payment of £80 – this would effectively settle two-thirds of the total amount of debts that I had incurred 5000. It was either that or apply for bankruptcy, but what little pride I had left stopped me from going down that path.

Two weeks later, on the 17th February Dan posted photos on his public blog for all to see – he and the remaining children in the family were sitting in a train and they were travelling past Murray Stadium near Edinburgh. Apparently they had all been flown over from the States to Scotland for a week, so that he could sit for his FRCS examinations with the College of Surgeons. He sent me this lovely postcard with a card attached. When I contacted him by email he explained that he was not able to see me while he was in Scotland because he had contracted a form of septicaemia which had erupted in an all-over body rash, and had been admitted to hospital again. But he had managed to complete the examinations.

By this stage, the constant excuses had begun to fall upon deaf ears with me. I was so happy to get his postcard with the final confirmation of them moving back to the UK, but could not understand how he could visit Scotland without arranging to meet up with me. I didn’t bother arguing with him this time – obviously this man had no desire whatsoever to meet up with my family in person. It was a very bitter pill to swallow.

Two weeks later, he announced on his personal blog that he had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia, as the doctors had discovered lymphoblastic tumours in his leg and was scheduled to start Chemotherapy on the 14th March. I was devastated and didn’t had a chance to discuss the diagnosis with him at all in the days that immediately followed.

Calendario Romano - for sale

On the 18th March, I was at work with some of my colleagues and had told them the basics of this story. One of them in particular was very suspicious, and asked to see a copy of his photo and so I confided in her and showed her a copy of the only photo I had been sent of his face.

We all sat around the computer as she searched Google Images, and almost instantly we found multiple copies of the same image in the internet results. The image had been taken from a ‘Hot Priests Calendar’ called Calendario Romano, and the photo of ‘Dan’ was featured as MR MAGGIO (or Mr May) on page number five.

Even as I write this, tears are still rolling down my cheeks remembering that moment of utter humiliation. I was in a state of absolute shock and my heart was racing, my hands were numb – I couldn’t breathe as I stared at the screen and read the comments from people who had been lusting over the pictures of the man that I thought I was in love with. Everyone I worked with that day was there to see this – and took turns at coming over to look at the screen. I have never been so utterly humiliated in my entire life, and had discovered once again, that he had been lying to me for years about who he was, and had broken my trust yet again.

I copied and pasted the photo onto the blog that I had been sharing with him, and all I wrote was ‘Hello Mr Maggio’. By the time I had left work and driven home, then logged in to check his reply – an hour had passed and he had already deleted both of his blogs from the net, both his public one and his private one, and had also blocked me from sending any further emails to his email address. He is another photo of ‘Dan’ featured the following year. This photo has been repeated in many editions published since then.

Calendario Romano - June